Better Moves To Lead Life Need A Shift In Mindset!

“If there’s a single lesson that life teaches us, it’s that wishing doesn’t make it so”.

Each person living on the earth strives to achieve a goal. The goals vary for different people. Some are struggling to get good grades, some to earn a good sum of money, some to losing weight, some struggling to get their relationships better and what not. Have you thought what do we do to make things better? We actually bring a change in ourselves. We improve to attain our goals. For example, when a student gets low grades in his exams, he develops the way he studies. Similarly, a person who wants to lose weight, become more healthy changes his diet, a person looking forward to earning a better livelihood changes his way of working and the list goes on. When we act on what we aspire to achieve, we tend to stay consistent with that intention.

Most often we tend to say “I cannot do this.” This is a fearsome feeling one has when he requires adapting complex ways to achieve goals. Simply because he isn’t willing to change his techniques, he considers achieving the goal is tough. Thus, one can say it is imperative for us to play havoc with our will power and manage to convince ourselves to do what we want.

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Difference between ‘I can’t do it’ and ‘I don’t want to do it’

A person feeling unmotivated and uninterested in doing something has the feeling of ‘I don’t want to do it.’ But the next moment he says ‘I can’t do it”, it is his fear of the change. “I don’t want to do it” does not depict failure. It is just your mindset who admits that you possibly do not want to achieve it.  You still have the feeling that you can accomplish it but the present time might not the right one. Maybe in future, you would be ready to do it or want to do it. The feeling of failure where you believe that your dream is non-attainable, you are at a position of “I can’t do it” that is very negative. One cannot lead his life effortlessly with the negative feeling. To live your life easy, one has to accept the change. It is very important to adapt a change in your mind-set.

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Let us understand the two concepts with an example. Where a student wants to get good grades, he might be required to mug up a big fat book. Looking at the book, he might say I cannot do it, or I don’t want to do it. The former feeling that makes his scared and he cannot just achieve good grades later on. The latter belief is the one where he finds himself not ready to take up a new book but would encourage himself to use it to achieve his goal.

What you need when you feel “I can’t do it”

There are 3 simple things one needs when he feels he cannot do it.

Firstly, it is the motivation. One needs the right motivation that can lead to a courageous strife. The motivation should from within. Give a thought to what is making you feel low, and you will yourself get an explication to the same.

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Secondly, before you quit, give yourself some time. Sometimes, a person is under immense pressure. Relax and then plan a good way to work on your goals. With stress on your mind, you will never be able to deal situations.

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Thirdly, build small moves to reach the goal. Do not simply feel the failure. Make a strategy with a peaceful mind. Make smaller goals and achieving them one by one will lead to the ultimate one. You directly cannot be a CEO of a company. One needs to have vast knowledge, requires working hard on the plan, and make good strategies and smaller plans that will lead you to ultimately becoming the CEO of the firm.

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Adapt the change to achieve your goals

If you want to lead your life easy in the manner you want to and stay happy, it is very imperative that one adapts to the change. No one has ever gained success without putting efforts. Be it an attempt to lose weight or become a big business tycoon, everybody works hard to do so. There are two different ways you can follow. A bigger one where there is no struggle but a lot of time consumed and the other where you adapt to changes that lead to shortcuts to success. The choice is yours. The “I cannot do it” is just a feeling of fear. The time you stand up with confidence and believe in your capabilities, no one can stop you from achieving what you want. Self-belief is something that makes you capable of achieving something.

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