Productivity Hacks for Small Business Entrepreneurs!

Productivity does not always come very easily, and even when it does, the streak does not last very long. The Do/Build Method is an approach adopted by man to instantly boost productivity. This method dictates that there are two major types work – “doing” and “building”. Some of both is done by everybody on a daily basis. The former involves going to meetings, creating reports, etc. and the latter is about brainstorming activities, networking events and such.

Activities that fall under “doing” are often vital but time-consuming, while “building” needs to comprise at least 25% of the total workload (ideally, 50%). Entrepreneurship is sometimes so demanding that it can be difficult to keep up this balance; so here are some surefire ways to ensure that you’re building and doing everyday.

Set Building Goals

Building should be carried out in a planned, meticulous way. Set achievable goals for yourself, or the task will seem too difficult and daunting to even take up. Setting up building goals for your business will increase the possibility of completing the same.

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The Schedule

Setting a time (not just the duration) for building can also prove to be very useful. You don’t have to be precise to the point of the seconds-hand, but drawing up an approximate schedule will always help going about the building process in a structured manner. But make sure you don’t waste too much time on the scheduling process as ultimately, building is what matters.

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Simply put, scheduling smartly is strategising. You might have a fair idea as to when you’ll need to put in more work and when there’ll be some breathing room in your schedule. For instance, around the time of a festival, there is bound to be more work in confectionery or clothes businesses. Strategize your working regularly, maybe once a week, to ensure that there are no obstacles when you set out to accomplish your goals.

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Everyone’s unique personalities calls for a unique do/build approach. The goal is to achieve balance between the two. Strategising can be influenced by family backgrounds, early schooling years, internships, first jobs, etc. but practicality and a relatively objective approach is the path to take while creating a do/build schedule.

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