Ten Awesome Books that Will Help You Master the Art of Selling!

This Will Make You a Better Salesperson

Here are our top 10 recommendations that will help you master the Art of Selling!! Time to dive-in to become a better Sales Professional.

At ReadHacks we are big believers in education, and books are the best way to develop your craft. But where should you start? These books are for anyone whose job it is to sell. Whether you are selling houses or mutual funds, advertisements or ideas — or anything else — these books are for you.

These books share instructive anecdotes and step-by-step guidelines on how to develop the style, spirit, and presence of a winning salesperson. No matter what you sell, you will be more efficient and profitable — and more valuable to your company!

Here are our top 10 recommendations that will help you master the Art of Selling!! Time to dive-in to become a better Sales Professional.

Happy Selling!

1. From Zero to Hero: How to Master the Art of SELLING CARS

A career in the automobile business isn’t for the timid. You need an energetic and outgoing personality, a healthy work ethic, and the drive and commitment to build your client base. But there’s more: you also need to know how to open yourself to opportunity. A sales veteran with a stellar record, Jeffrey F. Knott shows you how to do just that as you earn your way to top salesperson of the month. Drawing on more than twenty years of experience in car sales, Knott shares his proven techniques for becoming a highly successful salesperson.

From developing a keen understanding of the influences governing your customers’ actions to fine-tuning your own attitude, level of enthusiasm, and actions at the negotiating table, Knott offers invaluable tips to help you seal more deals, increase your job security, and avoid living from paycheck to paycheck. He breaks down every step of the selling process and delivers a seldom-seen inside look at the ins and outs of the car business. Don’t miss your chance to transform your ordinary sales job into a prosperous, stable, fulfilling career. Whether you’re new to the car business or have worked the floor for decades, you’ll find all the motivation and guidance you need to earn bigger and better commissions in From Zero to Hero.

2. Salesmanship

Everything is laid out in the form of practical advice. You will cover some things that you likely already know. This is not to waste your time. We cover everything, so that we don’t miss anything.

Take a quick look at what’s in each chapter.
1. The Art of Conversation
2. Handling Objections
3. Know Your Product, Know Your Client
4. Use Your Voice
5. Public Speaking
6. Asking for Referrals
7. The Written Word
8. What Are Your Efforts Worth?

This book first started as a workshop to help people improve their communications in sales. Over time it has developed into a short guide full of practical tips that you can implement right away.

It doesn’t matter whether you are yet to sell anything, or have years of experience. We can all do with a bit of polish. This book helps you to reflect on your own experiences and identify points of improvement. It also shows you how to measure your improvement with respect to time so that you know how well you are performing in your sales role.

It doesn’t even matter if you’re not in a direct sales role. This book can easily be applied to any professional setting where you deal with clients as part of your job.

3. The Things I Do Know

THE THINGS I DO KNOW is a must-have addition to every self-improvement collection. It is chock full of motivation, life lessons, and strategies that train your mind to practice the skills needed to transform your relationships, career, and current reality. Fortune 500 Sales Expert, Certified Speaker and Success Coach, Todd Speciale, uses the lessons he has learned from his personal challenges and business successes, to help motivate and catapult you into someone who does not just survive, but thrives, and who does not just perform well, but wins.

THE THINGS I DO KNOW is part inspiration and part workbook. With his straight to the point approach, Todd cuts through the fluff and gets to the “meat and potatoes” of the keys to success. You leave these pages with more than just wisdom, but also a blueprint for how to shift your thinking, believe in yourself, and develop a mindset for success.

4. Stop Talking. Start Selling: The Best B2B Sales Book for Sales Pros and Entrepreneurs

“There are hundreds, if not thousands, of nuances in selling. Stop Talking Start Selling covers so much ground that I encourage you to view it as a textbook — a tool you will refer to over and over again. When you do, your journey to success will happen faster and be a lot more fun!” — Tom Hopkins, author of, How to Master the Art of Selling and When Buyers Say No

Who should read this book?

This book is perfect for both new and experienced business-to-business (B2B) sales professionals whether you’re a business development executive or an account manager. It’s also ideal for entrepreneurs and small business owners whose role involves selling their solutions to new potential clients either via telephone or face-to-face. — “David covers all the fundamental steps in his new sales book. Highly recommended for rookies right through to professional salespeople.” Mark Vella, Founder and CEO at Advertiise

Why buy this book over all the others?

There are no rigid methodologies to follow in this book, and there’s no motivational fluff. It’s packed full of super practical advice, techniques and strategies you can implement the very same day. You will find plenty of recommended word-for-word scripts throughout, but each and everyone leaves you the flexibility to tailor them to your industry and your own personal style of selling. — “This book is jam-packed with easy to implement strategies and masterful techniques to help you succeed in business-to-business sales.” Nathan Chan, CEO of Foundr Magazine

5. The Salesperson’s Secret Code

What makes a great salesperson? What beliefs, attitudes and behaviors are linked to being a top performing salesperson? What impact does culture, industry and sales context have? And does a formal sales methodology or process make a difference?

This book is for any sales professional, or indeed anyone involved in the sales process of their company, who wants to learn the secrets of successful selling. Based on interviews and analyses (qualitative and quantitative) of 1000 of the world’s leading salespeople, across a mix of industries, cultures and context, the authors present the most rigorous evaluation of how salespeople behave and how they are driven. In doing so, they reveal the secret code behind consistent and high-level success in sales.

6. Story Selling: Sage Advice and Common Sense About Sales and Success

Story Selling is a series of fun stories and selling lessons that are entertaining and effective. It is a valuable handbook for sales managers and representatives. It is a teaching (not a preaching) tool that is humorous, instructive and memorable. The repeatable stories impart self-assurance and confidence.

7. Exactly What to Say: The Magic Words for Influence and Impact

Often the decision between a customer choosing you over someone like you is your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it, and how to make it count. Phil M. Jones has trained more than two million people across five continents and over fifty countries in the lost art of spoken communication. In Exactly What to Say, he delivers the tactics you need to get more of what you want.

8. Close Deals Faster: The 15 Shortcuts of the Asher Sales Method

Most books about sales are one good idea stretched over 100 pages. What if there was a book that incorporated key ideas from all major sales institutes and numerous best-selling sales books into a unique set of sales skills with fifteen shortcuts to make sales happen faster? Close Deals Faster is the only book providing a robust, repeatable sales process for both business-to-business and business-to-government sales. It’s applicable to companies of any size — from startups to Fortune 500 enterprises.

It’s a complex, changing and challenging business world out there. Salespeople selling undifferentiated commodities are being replaced by online sales. Prospects are considering more and more transactions as commodity sales. Sales cycle times are longer and salespeople can’t qualify leads quickly enough. Only a few elite salespeople are selling the most new business. And as consultative selling has increased in importance, the sales aptitude of the sales force becomes more important than ever. For sales based on overall value, most salespeople don’t have the right kind of skills to complete successful consultative transactions.

John Asher’s passion is to make the complex simple! His experience as a Navy submarine commander, successful business leader, and award-winning speaker is that when you make the complex simple, you create greater success in life for everyone. That’s the passion, cause, purpose and belief at ASHER Strategies. It’s why John and his highly experienced team do what they do. Based on that passion, they provide robust revenue growth strategies for CEOs and their sales teams. They do this by consolidating best practice sales methodologies and sales aptitude research into the following three areas of sales enablement:

  • 10 fundamental sales skills, the “blocking and tackling” of sales
  • 15 simple shortcuts to help close sales faster
  • 4 easily learnable levels of emotional intelligence to allow salespeople to expertly connect with and influence customers and prospects

John and his team have provided sales advisory services to over 2,000 companies in the last two decades. The average increase in revenue for these companies was 18% in the first year. By reading Close Deals Fasterand adopting these winning skills and processes, you too can bring in new clients faster, upsell and cross-sell to current customers better and increase your emotional intelligence to where consultative sales are successful for both you and your growing customer base.

9. Trait of a successful salesman: The great revelation of 25 tips to make a breakthrough in sales and double your income

How do you feel when customers say “no” when you introduce products to them? And what do you do to reverse the situation?

What should you do to avoid the pressure from the monthly sales figures, quarterly?

What do you do when you encounter difficult “gods” and feel deadlocked when persuading them to buy your product?

If you encounter problems then this book is for you.

Did you know that 85 percent of today’s leaders and business owners were salespeople? Like you, they have also learned how to overcome all the difficulties in sales.

Come to this eBook, you will know how to turn the situation when customers say no. You will know how to get ready to face all types of customers including the most difficult.

It is not a problem when you know what to do to overcome the pressure of work and take the lead in sales.

Did you know the top 20 percent of salespeople earn 80 percent of the money?

This eBook will guide you step by step to become one of twenty percent.

In this eBook, you will find:

Portrait of a successful salesman

10 reasons why top salesmen are successful

25 tips for selling success

Download now to create breakthroughs in sales and improve your earnings.

10. Why People Buy: The Real Reason Features and Benefits Selling DOESN’T WORK

Learn the secret of what really drives sales — and how to give people what they need so they want to buy from you.

Are you a salesperson who has been hearing too many “We’ll think it overs”, “Get back to mes”, and “We’ll let you knows”?

If so, you’re in good company. Author Greg Nanigian has interviewed thousands of chief executives, sales managers, and salespeople, and found that over 90% of them have exactly the same problem.

Why? Because they’ve been taught to rely on an ineffective traditional selling process, one that includes features, benefits, and free consulting very early in the discussion. This means they present too soon and leave the customer in control of the relationship.

As a result, they don’t get beyond a superficial discussion of prospects’ interests and problems. They also don’t uncover the impact of those problems on prospects’ companies or families, don’t identify the impact on prospects personally, and don’t establish prospects’ level of commitment to fixing the problem. The bottom line: they never find out the prospects’ true feelings — and feelings are where selling takes place.

The Sandler Selling System is a tested, proven seven-step process for effective selling. It’s fueled by techniques based in psychological models. The cornerstone of the Sandler system is a step in the process called the Pain Step. In Greg Nanigian’s new book WHY PEOPLE BUY, you’ll discover how you can use the Pain Step to:

•shorten your selling cycle,
•save time by disqualifying prospects who aren’t going to buy, and
•improve your closing ratio dramatically.

WHY PEOPLE BUY uncovers what really drives sales. It’s an accessible, one-volume summary of proven tools and best practices for successfully completing the Sandler Selling System’s all-important Pain Step.

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